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βˆ™From singing in a shopping trolley when I was 2, to singing on stage all over the US, music has always been my life. 
βˆ™I am a British Country singer/songwriter.
βˆ™I believe there is such thing as a fairytale romance but heartbreak has made me cynical.
βˆ™Β°oΒ°DisneyWorld is my second homeΒ°oΒ°
βˆ™My best friend has, and always will be, my Mum.
βˆ™I have a love and fascination with Native American history/culture.
βˆ™I love Classic Disney.
βˆ™Nicholas Sparks is my favourite author.
βˆ™I have a dachshund/chihuahua called Hami and he's my baby.
βˆ™Elvis Presley is my guilty pleasureβ™ͺ β™ͺ 
βˆ™I hate Valentines Day.
βˆ™My Martin guitar is my pride and joy, appropriately named..."Dean".
βˆ™I am a perfectionist and tend to get obsessive over things.
βˆ™I will always be ME.


I like to think I made his day 😘☺️😍

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